My past is my business…

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It was easy to get me to do this TV show. All the roles I’ve ever gotten, you’ve seen the roles I’ve gotten. They’ve been wonderful but so many of them have been downtrodden. They’ve been women who are pretty much asexual, they haven’t been realized, they have careers but no names. And all of a sudden I was given this opportunity to play someone sexy, mysterious, someone complicated. And it was a chance to use my craft. It was a chance to transform. It was a chance to surprise myself and the public. And I took it. - Viola Davis

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Tony & Ziva  AU in which Ziva comes back for Tony

"He said I was his heart, and you don’t leave your heart behind. You can’t live without your heart."

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In the post you’re about to make, replace cis/white/hetero/male people with the Jews and if the result sounds like something that could be straight out of Mein Kampf, you should probably reconsider your social justice blogging habits.

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News about a crossover between Chicago Fire, SVU and Chicago PD.


News about a crossover between Chicago Fire, SVU and Chicago PD.

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It’s very sad when a TV show that you used to love reaches the point where, instead of getting all excited and praising the writers and plots and characters for hours, the best thing you can honestly say when someone asks you about it is, “Well, hopefully they won’t fuck it up TOO badly…”

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Don’t worry, I will protect her. When no one notices me, only she notices my strengths. The only thing I can repay her with is to always keep my shoulder free for her.
Just you

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xJESUS xtiva

a haiku for fictional ladies:

sorry your story

was left in such clumsy hands

i will avenge you

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"Yeah, she can smart ass."

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I genuinely don’t think Voight had anything to do with Jin’s murder, I think he threatened to turn in Stillwell for blackmail and that’s what got him killed.

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I love how much everyone in this unit cares about each other.

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how was that episode so good

I can’t even right now

and bless fin for shooting the guy so he doesn’t come back.

also those last scenes made me cry.


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i wonder what ziva david is doing right now

not bagging groceries or tony for that matter


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Still crying over Chicago Fire.

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